Podcasting: Removing Roadblocks at Boise Code Camp

This page is the session page for my Podcasting: Removing Roadblocks talk I’m presenting at Boise State University on Saturday, March 21st 2015 from 4:30 pm to 5:45pm. I’m part of the awesome Boise Code Camp 2015.


Thank you to those who attended. I really appreciated your input and questions. This was my first time presenting at Boise Code Camp. I feel like the section on creating a podcast could have been clearer. Would you give me some quick feedback?
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Quick Summary

1. Record your amazing ideas. Save it as an mp3. (Don’t forget your ID3 tags)  and image! We discussed using Logic Pro X, GarageBand, Audacity to record.

2. Put your file online. Options: LibSyn, SimpleCast.fm, BluBrry, or your own blog (this is how I share my podcast mp3 files).

3. Tell your friends and podcast directories (like iTunes).

4. Record more episodes and put them online (perhaps use your blog / hosting service’s scheduling service)

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