Encouraging listener feedback – Beginner Podcast Mistakes BPM002

As Podcast producers, we create content for others to hear. So, we love to hear hear what people’s comments about what we create, but we need to make it easy for listeners to get in touch! Be specific why YOU want your listeners to share their ideas with you and others. Do you want someone to stroke your ego, or are you looking for your listeners to engage and enhance what you are sharing?

In this podcast, I interview Yannis Vatis from The Crossroads Podcast to talk about their struggle to engage listeners and we brainstorm ways to get their audience talking, such as:

  • Participating in online forums that reference their niche
  • Create a Google Hangout Live (although this would be hard in the Beijing time zone)
  • Join a life-hacking podcast directory website (or, as Yannis said- make one!) (11:04)
  • Display a “contact us” form right on the main page (12:11)
  • Tackle a controversial topic¬† (13:50)

Before the interview, I browsed through the past 32 episodes they have completed. This podcast has a very wide range of topics- they discuss what we can learn about Anime to extreme retirement savings and even share their tips on traveling. They even discuss how to overcome writer’s block and become someone who is known as a DOer of life. Here is my plug- if you like a productive life and want to hear a solid hour of people discussing it, subscribe to The Crossroads Podcast in iTunes,¬† visit their site TXRpodcast.com or get in touch @TXRpodcast.

Intro music by Cosmic Analog Ensemble