Tips for beginner programmers by Brian Bennett from Joyant, Sublime and Atom coding editors and virtual cloud programming with

In this podcast episode, I cover:

  • Aravind Chinoy’s Thinking in JavaScript (1:00)
  • Python doesn’t use semi-colons. (2:30)
  • Interested in coding but don’t want to spend hours setting up a web server? I discuss the advantages of coding online with a virtual cloud editors such as, and Meteor.js. (3:16)
  • Brian Bennett from Joyant shares how he learns new coding languages and offers several tips for beginners, including how to find a useful personal coding project.
  • I review two text editing applications: the Sublime and Atom editors.
  • Learn Python the Hard Way
    My friend Rob from work told me about this resource he has been trying out recently to get into coding. If you are new to technical books and training, much of the resources out there boast about getting you “up to speed in 20 minutes” or “become a Javascript Guru in two days!”