Using Blubrry's subscribe shortcode with category podcasts

Is anyone having issues with the subscribe shortcode?

I host three podcasts through my blog and use the category podcasting feature from Blubrry to distribute them. If I use the subscribe shortcode and specify the category, as so:

then the subscribe widget shows a generic “blubrry” image and the itunes/rss/beyondpod links default to the general podcast category, not the correct one.

My suggested solution

When using the subscribe shortcode with the category podcast feature- treat your category podcast as an external feed- specify the image_url and the feed url,  and the itunes_url (see my example below).
This solve the subscribe in itunes link problem, but the there are issues with the other links:

Other links don’t work:

The beyondpod link, RSS link and the “subscribe with your favorite app” to link to the correct feeds.
The only thing that seems to work correctly is the iTunes link.

Current subscribe shortcode example: